Why Coinmarketfeed?

Coinmarketfeed has been born out of a straightforward cause-and-effect scenario.

Crypto market is full of scams, making it challenging (sometimes almost impossible) to distinguish legitimate projects from fraudulent schemes. In just 2022-23 alone, cybercriminals managed to get away with an unprecedented $3.8 billion in cryptocurrency, as disclosed in a report by the blockchain analysis company Chainalysis. This figure reflects a 15% surge compared to the previous year’s total of $3.3 billion.

The crypto space is overloaded with events, token sales and other various activities, making it overwhelming for investors to track and stay updated on all of them. According to Chainalysis’ 2023 Crypto Crime Report, a remarkable 1.1 million new tokens were introduced in 2022.

The daunting process of performing proper due diligence is an issue for a potential investor: not only is it already hard to catch up with the sheer volume of token sales, but it is exceptionally difficult to filter good, great and mediocre projects out. The same goes for influencers (Key Opinion Leaders), investment funds, launchpads (fundraising platforms) and activities (airdrops, retrodrops, bounty campaigns, grants, etc.).

What is Coinmarketfeed?

Coinmarketfeed is an ultimate crypto ranking platform that serves as a meticulously curated database of professionally analyzed and rated token sales, funds, launchpads, events and influencers. Think of it as a digital library, where you can discover comprehensive details and in-depth reviews of the new, trending and established projects, investors and various other key players within the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

How we work?

With the help of in-depth analysis + rating system + dedicated and experienced research team, we have created a system that will be a reliable informational source, for those seeking quality and verified data that will help them mitigate investment risks, overcome the market complexity and capitalize on the best opportunities available on the crypto market.

The Coinmarketfeed team consists of experts with a solid background in finance, cryptocurrency investments, marketing, and blockchain development. Drawing from various experiences in different markets, we all came together to combine our knowledge and create a unique platform with a comprehensive rating system and structured, unified analysis process.

Unique rating system – Coinmarketfeed Score

The backbone of our professional assessment is a special rating system, the Coinmarketfeed Score. Developed by our team, it considers over 80 variables tailored to each evaluation category, such as funds, influencers, launchpads, projects and activities etc. It provides a holistic and more importantly unbiased overview, a valuable tool for your research.

A weekly showcase that unveils the hidden gems and fresh additions to our platform. Here, we spotlight the most thrilling projects, funds, influencers, events, and launchpads that have found their place on Coinmarketfeed

Central to our crypto & NFT analysis tool is detailed analysis and overview of a token sale/fund/influencer/etc. No stone is left unturned when it comes to assessing a project’s credibility, viability and quality. We scour the Internet daily extensively researching infrastructure, team, whitepaper, news, marketing performance to ensure that you receive a well-rounded perspective of what’s under the hood.

Moreover, we don’t just provide conclusions – we offer insights backed by data. When you see that our ratings and analyses are grounded in verifiable numbers and facts, you can have confidence in the information we provide.

How can you benefit?

Essentially, Coinmarketfeed caters for two categories of crypto enthusiasts.

For Individual Investors

Coinmarketfeed platform is designed for investors who want to start investing into the world of cryptocurrency, particularly in token sales. Here they can follow the performance and activity of their associated funds, launchpads, token rounds and various events. Coinmarketfeed is considered as one of the most valuable blockchain analysis tools for discovering upcoming projects and launches before they get widespread attention.

For Businesses

For businesses operating in the crypto landscape, Coinmarketfeed can significantly facilitate business development by connecting a business with any entity listed on our platform. Similarly, Coinmarketfeed crypto analysis tool provides a comprehensive selection of crypto funds and launchpads, together with detailed analysis and a rating which can be a strategic asset that aids in identifying the right investors and funds to approach, for a seamless fit with their unique project objectives.

Get Insights! Backed by Data

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