• Coins 2,370
  • Markets 14,166
  • Market Cap 368,448,298,950
  • 24h CMC 46,610,472,150.57
  • 24h Vol 54,062,557,967
  • Dominance BTC 64.65 % | ETH 10.02 % | XRP 5.58 % | 

Cardano [ADA] Pushed TRON [TRX] to Reach 10th Spot After the Bull Run

Cardano [ADA] after the Bull Run reached 10th position surpassing TRON [TRX] today according to the data from CoinMarketFeed. Cardano [ADA] hits bullish market cap with almost 8 percent growth and counts as the 10th largest cryptocurrency.

According to data from Coinmarketfeed, Cardano [ADA] heads north with a growth of 7.72 percent within a few hours after defeating TRON (TRX) from its position and trading with the value $0.05 against US Dollar. Also Cardano [ADA] cryptocurrency when compared to TRON [TRX]’s market capitalization has held a brief surge in average trading. Consequently, former stands with $1,559,761,833124 trading volume while latter with $1,531,069,190.

One of the main specific reasons that helped in the price hike of Cardano [ADA] is the much speculated latest release of Cardano upgrade. Consequently, ADA’s Bull Run started as a result of Cardano 1.5 upgrade released on Cardano mainnet. The foundation officially announced ‘ it is a milestone’ which had excited many crypto enthusiasts and investors.

Cardano foundation announced on their official twitter handle,

“Today we release Cardano 1.5 on the Cardano mainnet. The Cardano 1.5 release is a milestone because it is the last major Cardano release of the Byron development phase, which we have been in since the launch of mainnet.”

Moreover, Cardano’s twitter account released yet another update that says about Cardano 1.5.1 upgrade. As per the announcement, this upgrade will fix two issues. 

Furthermore, the official announcement goes as follows, “IOHK has released Cardano 1.5.1 on the Cardano mainnet. The Cardano 1.5.1 release is a small update which fixes two issues. The update will be delivered via a prompt in Daedalus to all users shortly.”

The release will fix two issues, one is the data migration issue which was causing the spending password not to be recognized 8 for users who had upgraded from Cardano 1.3.x to Cardano 1.5.0, skipping 1.4.x releases. Second issue is the issue causing log rotation for the frontend logs not to work.