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DASH up 24% in Less Than A Week, Decentralized Investment Fund Piloted By Dash Makes Significant Progress

•    The price of Dash increased from $68.03 by 24% in just a span of 4 days. 
•    The Price of Dash broke the Major Resistance Level: $67.273 and $77.46. The price of Dash at the time of writing was $84 
•     Significant progress and development has been achieved with the Dash Ventures investment fund. 


The bearish momentum for Dash has been detrimental for its price since last year. If Last year December 2018 low of $56.214 is considered it was down by 96% from its All-Time High in the bull run of 2017. 

DASH/USD Chart on Bitfinex
DASH/USD Chart on Bitfinex

The short-term bullish momentum for Dash continues on day 4 since 8 February when Litecoin led the bull for a couple of days. Dash broke the resistance of $76.5 and is looking for support at $82.5 after fourth consecutive growth days. Dash Marketcap.

DASH/BTC Chart on Bitfinex
DASH/BTC Chart on Bitfinex

The hourly chart of Dash on the DASH/BTC also suggest that it is moving in an ascending channel chart pattern, and the break from the channel might be considerably huge. The Fibonacci Retracement level of next target would be $172.

Important Updates from Dash and What is ‘Dash Ventures’?

The Dash Core Group announced on February 7, 2019, during the Q4 2018 live stream on YouTube, that they had made “significant progress” towards creating Dash Ventures.

DASH Ventures is an Amman-based Venture Capital firm that will introduce investment fund portfolios for investors globally but focused in the MENA region currently. The investment fund will be made up of assets like equities, bonds, commodities, and currencies from around the world. 

Dash is a Decentralized Organization whose decisions are dictated by majority consensus of master-nodes. Dash has the most significant volume for master-node in cryptocurrency, Dash Ventures have employed a collaborative and highly interactive investment approach working closely with Dash. They aim to develop portfolios strategically to minimize risk, develop strategies, and most importantly, seize opportunities.

Ryan Taylor, CEO of the Dash Core Team also noted that the master-node and Decentralized organization had moved a step ahead of the regulatory curve to ensure anonymity of its master-nodes. They now have a legal structure whereby members of the DASH ecosystem could monetarily benefit from Dash Ventures without having to provide any personal information. When launched, Dash Ventures will burn DASH as a way to share the profits.