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First Ever ‘IOTA Charging Station’ Installed In Netherlands By A Dutch Innovation Labs

Image Credit: IOTA.ORG

•    IOTA Technology is implemented by Dutch Grid Operator, ElaadNL to develop an autonomous smart grid to conserve energy.
•    Harm van den Brink and Ton Smets presented the idea of an innovative smart grid that could regulate the power according to network requirements to yield maximum efficiency. 
•    The ElaadNL lab is testing the ‘IOTA charging station’ and will soon roll out marketable products. 

ElaadNL, found in the Netherlands is an innovations lab that aims to minimize the loss of electrical energy while transporting and sharing. It seeks to utilize 100% of the energy that is generated at the farms. The scientist at ElaadNL has chosen IOTA as the medium to communicate between the charger and the device.
Brink and Smets first presented the idea at the Dutch IOTA meet on 10th January in Amsterdam. The snippets of the initial pitch can be viewed here. The two employees are both from ElaandNL. The presentation of the initial idea: 


IOTA brings the Future Closer With ‘Smart Grid’

Harm van den Brink DLT (Distributed Ledger Technology) expert at ElaadNL and Enexis noted that: “This Proof of Concept (PoC) shows a possible future electricity system, where energy is shared amongst neighbors and decentralized islands are capable of balancing itself. We are using our electricity grid in a different way than we did 50 years ago, we went from only consuming to also producing energy. We are demanding more energy at peak times, and when the sun is shining, we will have a surplus of energy. This all should be dealt with in real time. Our solution is the first step in that direction. We showed with our Proof of Concept (PoC) that this could be done, although future development is required to put this in the grid.”

The most exciting feature of the smart grid is that it can be used to send or receive electric energy and payment interchangeably. This means that a vehicle can be used to power a remote cottage after it was charged at a station in the city. Most countries in Europe have already adopted renewable sources of energy to the extent that thermal energy is no longer required. 


The video explains a Smart Charging infrastructure that would power the cities of the future. Using IOTA’s unique self-validating decentralized approach, the devices can be made to communicate with each other and send or receive data and value.

First Ever IOTA charging Station 



The ElaadNL Lab is testing the smart PoC powered smart grid technology with the first ever ‘IOTA Charging Station’. The Machine to Machine communication on it can be used to send payments for the electrical energy without any human interference. The connection would be made through the charging cable itself. It can be used to make micropayments since the transaction cost associated with IOTA is almost zero.

The Smart Grid will implement IOTA Tangle Technology for Machine to Machine (M2M) Communication. This will create an autonomous digital decision making infrastructure that would regulate the power on the sending site according to the demands on the receiving side.