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Report: Stagnating user base despite increasing number of dApps

For the majority of years, Ethereum’s blockchain dominated the blockchain use case. However, the scenario took a turn last summer when two competitors TRON and EOS made their mark in top ranks, outranking Ethereum on several metrics.

As per data provided by, presently there are 2555 dApps on these three major blockchains with 211,119 users that ran these apps in the last 24 hours

Furthermore, Ethereum still hosts the majority of dApps, while EOS dApps have higher transaction speed and number of users. EOS had a staggering 887k users in the last 7 days. This makes it almost two times ahead of TRON’s 492k. Ethereum noted 92k users in the last week.

Ethereum on the other hand, enjoys the growth of some truly innovative and potentially very useful dapps, most importantly in the realm of decentralized finance – DeFi. MakerDAO, Compound, and Darma protocols are some of the more notable projects from the sector.

Moonlighting, blockchain-powered freelancers marketplace also announced its plans to migrate its  700,000 user accounts to Eos (EOS) developer’s protocol. Moonlighting’s has established a partnership with’s venture capital fund Eos VC Fund and fintech incubator and VC fund FinLab AG, for the same. A joint venture between the two funds, FinLab Eos VC Fund, led a $5 million investment round to back Moonlighting’s move to the Eos blockchain and grow its user base.

The Eos-powered blockchain profiles will also support Moonlighting’s mobile management toolset. This will enable freelancers to generate proposals, invoices, and mobile payments.

As per another report number of active DApp users on EOS was eclipsed by Tron (TRX) in Q1 2019, with the latter now seeing the fastest-growing DApp user base. In an earlier report based on data from January Eos network accounted for 48% of DApp users, Tron 24% and Ethereum 28%.

In another news reported by CoinMarketFeed, TRON cleared its stance on gambling-related dApps. It requested Japanese dApp developers to not develop any such dApps on TRON’s platform. Furthermore, it has asked developers using Japanese IP addresses to not promote the use of gambling apps among Japanese users. The foundation will provide all the necessary support to Japanese regulators, in case TRON dApps violate Japanese laws and regulations.

TRON blockchain network underwent a hard fork on February 28. The new features will include mu-sig crypto wallets, account management tools and energy adjustment to real-time network performance. Moreover, it will also include, better virtual machines and events server for dApps.