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Atrium Fintech now supports Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash Payments

Image Credit: Forbes

Legal Startup Atrium has brought some great news for cryptocurrency ventures. The ventures can now pay for their legal services with Bitcoin (BTC) or Bitcoin Cash (BCH). Atrium has partnered with cryptocurrency payment processor Bitpay for processing these payments. This move will provide for easier engagement with clients stationed outside U.S.A, in addition to clients with large crypto holdings. 

On the partnership, Chief Commercial Officer of Bitpay said that it is yet another great example of global crypto clients willing to pay their bills in Bitcoin (BTC). This in turn fuels BitPay’s business growth.

Is BUIDL the right approach in Crypto Winters?

Recently, the law firm also announced expansion of Atrium Fintech with hiring three new legal experts,  to cater to the growing demands from clientele. Interestingly, the law firm has been going strong despite the continuing crypto winter. 

The law firm helps clients with securities and digital asset offerings, broker-dealer registrations, money transmitter licenses and broker-dealer registrations. The firm uses machine learning to digitise legal documents. In addition to developing applications for client use, it is now deploying the same to blockchain and fintech. 

Interestingly, as said by Ross Barbash, the head of Atrium Fintech, crypto winters have led to accelerated industry maturation. He also mentioned that when compared the uncertain scenario an year back, there is  consistent flow of investments to teams working on value projects.

Also, Atrium’s shift from HODL to BUIDL makes it much more simple to collaborate with teams having developers committed to compliance. The law firm boasts of a team with a diverse skill set with an in-depth understanding of the ecosystem. This in turn helps the firm deliver a customised strategy for their clientele.

About Atrium Fintech and Blockchain

Co-founded by Justin Kan of Twitch fame the company managed to raise $65 million in a round led by Andreessen Horowitz. The firm’s sole moto is to let machine’s take care of legal work so that Attorney’s can focus on complex problem solving. 

 For instance, the legal firm has built an app which converts startup funding documents to Excel Cap tables.Atrium is working earnestly with regulators to have a better understanding of the crypto ecosystem.

Moreover by automating legal processes, the firm has expanded it’s team to 110 members and  has more than 250 clients. Moreover, it includes startups like Bird and MessageBird. The firm came came to existence over an year ago with funds worth $10.5 million raised in a party round.