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Bitcoin Could Reach $30,000 by 2021? Veteran Crypto Analyst Explains

Since 2018 the crypto market has been in a bearish trend. But AngeloBTC, a recognized cryptocurrency analyst, is not ready to believe that the bear market will continue. He shared a TradingView post on Twitter showing that Bitcoin (BTC) could ultimately reach $30,000 by 2021.

According to expert opinions and beliefs, it seems like a new bull run is about to begin in the near future. AngeloBTC, a trader that was able to score thousands of BTC during the bull run of 2017 believes that the Bitcoin could steep rise to $30,000 in the future.

In his blog post in TradingView, Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies are just a minuscule asset class, he explained.

“Cryptocurrency as an asset class is minuscule – a drop in the bucket. A $1 trillion market capitalization would still be undervalued for crypto to have any meaningful impact as a store of value/currency,”

he stated.

He was not very active in social media platform and crypto space for some time. After the crypto market followed a bearish trend, he posted just a few tweets during the year. He was restricting himself from sharing his ideas on social media or was not paying close attention to the cryptocurrency market.

Crypto enthusiasts and traders are really looking forward to Bitcoin’s bullish market and the future of cryptocurrency. According to AngeloBTC’s price prediction for the first generation cryptocurrency, the digital asset will have to grow more than 600%. In over a year Bitcoin faced a fall of 80%. The crypto community is expecting it to grow and reach new highs in the near future. He further explained that the Bitcoin may drop to zero or grow ten times its current price and there won’t be a middle range that last long.

AngeloBTC is not the only bullish analyst in the crypto space. John McAfee, the crypto ninja have predicted that the Bitcoin will rise to more than $1 million. Although it feels like a difficult task it is not impossible. During 2017, it grew 1,900 from under $1,000 to $20,000. According to AngeloBTC prediction the most popular cryptocurrency should be traded 50% higher than during the last bull market.

At press time, Bitcoin is being traded close to $3,896 and with market capitalization of $68.31 billion as reported by CoinMarketFeed.