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Craig Wright, Self-Claimed Satoshi Nakamoto, Ordered to appear before Court

Self-claimed Satoshi Nakamoto, Craig Wright, has been ordered to show up in court at Florida to address the allegation that he stole 1.1 million Bitcoin (BTC) from his old friend Dave Kleiman. Craig Wright is an Australian Entrepreneur and a computer Scientist.

According to Ira Kleiman, his Brother David’s inheritance was allegedly manipulated during a multi-year partnership with Australian native Craig Wright. On Valentine’s Day last year, a case was filed against Wright in Florida which accused him of defrauding Kleiman out of an assumed 1.1 million BTC stash.

After much wriggling from Wright trying to avoid disclosing his Bitcoin holdings or attending proceedings in person, the court has decided he must do both till the 18th of June.

Craig Wright’s legal team wrote to the Court asking to continue mediation, saying-

“Dr. Wright is a foreign citizen who lives and works in the United Kingdom. The burdens associated with travel to Florida for mediation at this juncture constitute good cause to permit attendance by video conference.”

The court, however, has denied the motion after reviewing the plaintiffs’ demands, which also includes ordering Wright to provide a list of owned Bitcoin addresses.

The Judge disagreed, and on the 18th of June, Wright must appear in person to face Ira Kleiman et al. (representing Dave Kleiman’s estate) in court. From the order:

“After a review of the record and the submissions by the parties, the court does not find that a continuation of mediation is warranted. The court further agrees with the Plaintiffs that personal appearance by the parties will promote meaningful participation at mediation.”

Next mediation session on the 18th of June

As a result, Wright has now been ordered to attend the next mediation session on the 18th of June. Wright has made repeated requests to have the lawsuit dismissed, but back in December, Judge Bloom ordered that the case should proceed.

Plaintiffs want a comprehensive list of the public addresses of all the bitcoin from Wright

The plaintiffs want a complete list of the public addresses of all the bitcoin Wright allegedly mined before December 2013. An order signed by the Judge shows that Wright must produce this list by the 17th of June, 2019, and if he cannot comply the court may conduct a show cause evidentiary hearing. The defense believes that the Kleimans’ demand that “Dr. Wright authenticate every single document related to the trust is facially over burdensome and unreasonable.”

Last month, Wright filed United States copyright registrations for the Bitcoin white paper authored by Satoshi Nakamoto, attracting controversy from commentators.

Although the computer scientist has long claimed to be Nakamoto, a subsequent report by the Financial Times suggested that Wright’s registrations do not mean the U.S. government recognizes his claims.


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