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John McAfee withdraws the Vows to Reveal Real Satoshi Nakamoto: Fearing Legal Action?


John David McAfee, British-American computer programmer and Bitcoin’s biggest advisor said that he plans to disclose the creator of Bitcoin, Satoshi Nakamoto’s real identity. He disclosed in a recent interview with media giant Bloomberg that he has spoken to real bitcoin creator.

After disclosing to Bloomberg that he would unmask the real Nakamoto within a week, he backed off the plan. McAfee revealed on his official Twitter handle that the speculations could negatively impact his efforts to fight an extradition to the United States.

There were so many controversies regarding the pseudonym Nakamoto which continued for years. Recently McAfee has said that Nakamoto is a person in the U.S.

McAfee further added,

“I’ve spoken with him, and he is not a happy camper about my attempt to out him.”

McAfee said in the interview with Bloomberg that he has spent a lifetime finding and keeping a track on hackers, founders and creators making him appropriate to this task.

McAfee further explained the reason behind delaying the revelation- he posted a letter from his extradition legal advisor, saying that unmasking Nakamoto could make him the target of lawsuits.

He revealed in a tweet,

“The US extradition request to the Bahamas  is imminent. I met with Mario Gray, my extradition lawyer, and it is now clear (read his letter below) that releasing the identity of Satoshi at this time could influence the trial and risk my extradition. I cannot risk that. I'll wait.”


If Nakamoto is still alive, that could possibly bring a twist in the crypto industry and Bitcoin trading. Nakamoto is believed to be one of the largest Bitcoin holders accounting approximately 1 million. This could worth $5.6 billion valued at current price, which is a massive part when considering the entire circulating supply of 17.6 million coins.

Most of the crypto enthusiasts have presumed that Nakamoto was dead because these massive quantities of coins haven’t been moved in 10 years.

McAfee’s decision to delay the disclosing of the real Nakamoto was prompted in part by a recent controversies and lawsuit that Craig Wright filed against a podcaster who raised questions if Wright is Nakamoto.

McAfee further explained to the sources that Wright is not the man he identified as Nakamoto and spoke to.

“My entire life I’ve been tracking people who are the best in the world, and hiding their identity, Finding Satoshi was a piece of cake for me,” he revealed in an interview.

Earlier in April CoinMarketFeed reported, CEO and Founder of largest cryptocurrency exchange Binace, Changpeng Zhao warned that he will delist Bitcoin Satoshi Vision (BSV) if the founder of the altcoin Craig Wright fails to change his behavior in a tweet published on April 11 on his Twitter handle.