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New Lightning Feature to Fix Bitcoin Payment issues


As reported by CoinDesk, Christian Decker explains that a new directing proposition is expected to be merged today into the official "specifications" of lightning, the backers trumpet as the fix to bitcoin's long-standing payment issues.  

Christian Decker, a standout amongst the most productive lightning designers who engineers for the tech startup Blockstream, called attention to that the proposition, which he composed, is proceeding onward to the following stage at CoinDesk's Consensus 2019 gathering, underlining that this change will prepare for some exceptionally foreseen lightning features.   

These new features are required on the grounds that lightning is yet at testing and considered even "reckless" to use, as certain individuals are still every so often losing cash from bugs in the protocol. The expectation is that new features, for example, these will keep on helping make the payment method simpler to utilize.  

Decker to CoinDesk: 

“This enables quite some cool new features, including multi-path routing, trampoline routing, and so forth. It’s on the agenda for today’s [IRC specification] meeting and I’m confident it’ll get merged today, so we can get started on the next wave of features.” 

Decker has code written for implementation, putting the proposition into execution. Different engineers over the ecosystem concur that it's a convenient change, which is the reason it is currently being merged into the specifications.  

All lightning code implementations shall code up these to stay interoperable, which means one individual utilizing one implementation can send a payment of another.  

Decker considers it a "multi-frame" proposition, " which allows us to include more information in the routing onion," a similar technology utilized in the privacy browser Tor.  

When endeavoring to send a payment over the network, even mediators can't see the data inside them by utilizing a method which reflects an "onion" in that a layer of confusion is stripped away at each bounce in the network. Along these lines, state there are four hops, the four layers are stripped away one by one with each hop, until the payment reaches the recipient. 

The proposition makes changes to the steering onion position with the goal that it can incorporate more information that other directing tools over it need.