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Blockchain Holdings Capital Ventures SG Blocks synergy to design Data Centers

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Per a press release on April 1, United States-based Blockchain Holdings Capital Ventures (BHCV) has partnered with SG Blocks. 

The latter uses cargo shipping containers in construction for development of its multi-container data centers. Blockchain Holdings Capital Ventures will be SG Blocks’ sole partner in designing decentralized data centers. Also, per the announcement, the first prototype is expected to appear in Q4 2019.


From the Chairman’s Desk 

“We’re proud to partner with Blockchain Holdings and begin working with them to create safe, durable data centers,” “The acceleration of data usage is creating a huge demand for new types of data centers and is a natural extension of SG Blocks’ expertise. We look forward to delivering results for Blockchain Holdings as soon as later this year.” said Paul Galvin, Chairman and CEO of SG Blocks. 


“Blockchain Holdings is thrilled to collaborate with the leading container-based modular company on this project. We know SG Blocks will execute this to the highest level of quality and ensure our data centers are safe, secure structures – commanding the trust of our customers for years to come.” said Delray Wannemacher, Chairman and CEO of Blockchain Holdings Capital Ventures. 

BHCV later on plans to open a distribution channel which will scale data center production. The company plans to produce 150–200 by 2020. The latter will reportedly be cheaper to launch and is said to be more flexible. 

Ohio County Auditors Form Group 

In February, the County Auditors’ Association of Ohio formed a working group to study the use of blockchain for the effective transfer of property deeds.The group will purportedly test the use of distributed ledger technology for bringing efficiency to management and execution to real estate transactions. In addition, to transfer of land titles across several nations. Moreover, their ongoing projects will be scrutinized by SafeChain member Tony Frano. This step will help the association set measurable goals also build on operating principle for the new technology.

Marseille Fos Port’s Blockchain Pilot 

As per a report by PortSEurope on March 6. Marseille Fos Port, the main trade seaport of France is all set to participate in a blockchain pilot for freight logistics in June 2019. The project will reportedly tap distributed ledger technology for intermodal freight forwarding and supply chain logistics.

The pilot has been built and developed by three blockchain and logistics firms, which are, Marseille Gyptis International, BuyCo and KeeeX. Marseille-Fos Port, or Grand Port Maritime de Marseille, is the second largest Mediterranean port and the fourth largest port in Europe.

Per the report, the initiative has been backed by the Interministerial Delegation for logistics of MeRS and development of the port. Furthermore, the project draws heavy support from Caisse des Depots, a French public sector financial institution, Voies navigables de France, navigation authority and electricity generation firm the Compagnie National Rhone.