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Tech Giant IBM Released Patent for DLT-Supported Data Sharing and Validation


International Business Machines Corporation, an American multinational information technology company headquartered in Armonk has been granted a patent for a mobile data sharing method that utilizes distributed ledger technology [DLT]. The patent documents were issued by the United States Patent and Trademark Office [USPTO] on April 23.

According to the published patent, the product represents a follow up of U.S. patent application filed in November 2017 entitled “Information Sharing Among Mobile Apparatus.” IBM suggests a procedure implemented by a mobile apparatus to validate information that has been shared between two different devices.

According to the report, the platform can gather particular information and distribute it to the adjacent computing nodes. Subsequently the validated event is published on a distributed ledger system. The sourced data is then used to plan and plot information updates.

Reportedly, objects linked within the suggested system would share event information among multiple mobile devices. The system will facilitate a secure reliability without introducing a trusted third party.

The patent document explains,

“Connected objects can be sensed and/or controlled remotely across existing network infrastructure, integrating connected physical objects into computer-based systems. Connected physical objects are uniquely identifiable through their embedded computing system, allowing the connected physical objects to interoperate within the existing Internet infrastructure.”

According to the reports the published patent is the most recent in the huge list of blockchain-related patents either filed or accepted by International Business Machines Corporation IBM in the most recent months.

Earlier in April this year, IBM added a new executed system to control data and interactions for self-driving vehicles (SDVs) to its group of innovative of blockchain patents. Reports suggest that the products seem to be a system in which an SDV interacts and predicts the behavioral patterns of drivers of non-autonomous vehicles in close proximity.

In March 2019, CoinMarketFeed reported about IBM patent for an application that mainly targets to bring advancements in the safety and security of permissioned blockchain networks. The patent filing by IBM highlights the security methods and strategies for resisting and fighting replay attacks while maintaining verified user permissions and privacy.