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Turkish University announces New Blockchain Centre


image credits: unsplash

Per a recent report by media news outlet Daily Sabah, Turkish Bahçeşehir University (BAU)  has opened a blockchain center at Boston's Northeastern University (NEU). The center seeks to support firms who seek information on blockchain technology.

The  BAU–NEU Blockchain Laboratory will also seek funding from the United States, the European Union, and Turkey. This initiative will purportedly boost Turkey’s presence in the blockchain market and would enthrall specialists in the field.

Commenting on the cooperation, Chair of the BAU Board of Trustees Enver Yücel said that

"[Blockchain] will directly change all sectors from logistics to trade, from education to health, from energy to agriculture where we need to keep our products and people's information in a safe environment."

He further added,

“If you can manage science globally, a nice synergy emerges. I have seen this in American universities. They have labs all over the world, and we must have them as well. No university in the world can bring out everything perfectly. I figured this out a little late. After that, we tried to enter where in the world is the most powerful in which area”

Blockchain technology has been gaining a significant edge in the education space. Recently, Yonsei University and Pohang University in South Korea partnered to build a blockchain campus with their own cryptocurrency.

The program targets management and finance professionals who seek financial growth and keen on learning their impact on banking and financial ecosystem.

In another news reported by CoinMarketFeed, University of Nevada is recently garnering headlines for developing a new blockchain-powered vehicle project.

The project is named The Intelligent Mobility project. It is being coordinated by the University of Nevada, Reno and the Nevada Center of Applied Research (NCAR). The universities have chosen enterprise blockchain and Internet of Things (IoT) firm Filament to develop an autonomous vehicle smart city project.

Further, the new initiative has been tailor-made to improvise on safety and communication between driverless connected cars and the surrounding infrastructure. The University will begin simulated testing of Filament Blocklet technology. The technology will help the project integrate the technology into both an autonomous vehicle and the sensor infrastructure placed along defined routes. In order,  to deliver a trustworthy record of events, while simultaneously enabling attested data exchange via blockchain transactions. The state of Nevada, with the support and commitment of its research universities, industries, and startups, has established itself as a premier location for innovative vehicle and transportation technologies.