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  • 24h CMC -11,608,407,795.62
  • 24h Vol 61,574,144,648
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Analysis: TronBet App Records Weekly Betting Volume of $41 Million


TronBet, a decentralized cryptocurrency betting platform built on TRON (TRX) blockchain experienced over $40 million in total volume over past seven days. As per a twitter user, Vance the top user of the platforms earned $98 million. And the top 20 users managed to get $455 million, in a span of last seven days. As per the data, Vance estimates that TronBet app can make a profit of nearly $36 million.

Analysing that how did TronBet gain such popularity in such a small span of time, Hashletes founder said that the Tronbet’s seamless user interface and design is the key to their fame. They have a plethora of games, with player liquidity and no fees.

Token economics form an unbelievably tight feedback loop on the product, an incentive for casual users to stick with the platform long term, and a reason for users to come back every day (to stake their ANTE). Also, whale mining PNLs are nuts.

ANTE Tokens


One of the Crypto Enthusiast, Vance, mentioned that ANTE ownership, allows users to share TronBet’s daily profits. As rewards from staking ANTE are distributed daily in TRX tokens. Vance went on to explain that the roadmap for TronBet works as per a daily dividend distribution process. This is because TronBet users are holding on to an illiquid asset (ANTE).

Still To Gain Attention

Vance expressed his surprise that no one except him and Michael Anderson, the other co-founder of hashletes, seemed to have noticed TronBet’s impressive stats. He further put forth an argument that this is actual consumer adoption. But the blockchain community seems to be wary of gambling which can pave way for more sophisticated dApps.

As CoinMarketFeed reported recently, the TRON blockchain network underwent a hard fork on February 28. The new features will include mu-sig crypto wallets, account management tools and  energy adjustment to real-time network performance. Moreover, it will also include, better virtual machines and events server for dApps.