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Bitcoin, XRP, EOS Are The Top Cryptocurrency Projects; Ranks Weiss CryptoRatings


The renowned independent rating company Weiss Ratings has published its annual outlook report on industry and market trends for cryptocurency. The report provides rating for 122 virtual currencies. The report suggests that XRP, EOS and Bitcoin are the top three cryptocurrencies in the market in terms of technology and adoption.

Weiss Cryptocurrency Ratings has been publishing reports about cryptocurrencies on a monthly basis. “Invest Risk / Reward” and “Technology / Adoption” these are the two main things to consider while analyzing the cryptocurrencies.

Weiss highlighted that adoption for cryptocurrency remains high and on the rise, despite the bear market trend and lingering coin prices.

Weiss report reads, “Since prices have fallen so dramatically, many people assumed that real-world adoption of cryptocurrencies must have done the same. But the data shows this isn’t the case. An important segment of the industry enjoyed remarkable growth in on-chain transaction volume, network capacity and network security, often powered by an evolution in the underlying technology.”

Weiss considered the “best combination of technology and adoption.” According to the report XRP took first place, with EOS and Bitcoin rounding out the top 3. Weiss expects XRP, EOS and Bitcoin to be the three cryptocurrencies most likely to dominate in both the near and long-term. However the Weiss ranking did consider investor risk factor and reward when publishing their rankings.

Weiss stated, “XRP is best positioned to compete with SWIFT; EOS is the leading cryptocurrency challenging Ethereum; and Bitcoin is the most likely to become a popular store of value for savers and investors.”

Weiss ratings founder, Marin D. Weiss, revealed that the firm analyzed the growth rate for digital currencies over the last one year and found a huge rise in the trading volume, capacity of the network and network security even though 2018 saw cryptocurrency plunging throughout the year.

Weiss said, “Despite lower prices since early 2018, our ratings model gives us hard evidence that a critical segment of the cryptocurrency industry has enjoyed remarkable growth in user transaction volume, network capacity, and network security. Equally important is our finding that these improvements are often powered by an evolution in the underlying technology.”

According to the report EOS is the top cryptocurrency in terms of on-chain transaction volume, with almost 14 times the daily use of Bitcoin and eight times that of Bitcoin. Weiss highlights EOS is rapidly becoming “an important player in the industry,” even if “not all transactions are equal in quality.”

Crypto bulls in the industry believe and predict a coming “Crypto Spring” to bring crypto price improvements. Crypto enthusiasts and investors believe higher valuations will return in 2020.

Source: Cision PR Newswire