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John McAfee- Crypto- Bull turns to Staking Pools for Investment as Bear Market Lingers

Image Credit: TIME Magazine

Crypto- Bull and Bitcoin’s biggest supporter and adviser John McAfee is losing his faith and confidence in currenct cryptocurrency market trend. It seems like he is not hoping for a bullish trend. McAfee posted on his Twitter page to announce that he has turned to ‘staking pools’ as a rescue from the lingering bear market.

John McAfee posted, “Bear market pushed me to invest in staking pools.  Surprisingly good monthly returns”

Post suggests that he has invested in four staking pools which include GetNode, Simple POS Pool, Staking Lab and Stake Cube. He also revealed he got “surprisingly good monthly returns”.

It is quite surprising that the Crypto- Bull and the strong supporter of Bitcoin lost hope in cryptocurrency market trend and would turn to ‘staking pools’ because of the bear pressure. McAfee predicted that Bitcoin will reach $1 million by 2020. His current attitude suggests that the bearish trend will continue and the Bitcoin price further drops.

According to the reports from the exports from the cryptocurrency space, the market is tough now and it will continue to follow a bearish trend for few more months. Many individuals and institution will consider staking pools because McAfee has ventured into it.

According to CoinMarketFeed, Bitcoin Price saw a resistance around $3,800, the pressure has succeeded in bringing the price down to around $3,750.

Many experts believe that 2019 would be crypto friendly and many thought the Bull Run had started when Bitcoin rose above $4,000 for the first time in months. But the current market trend is bearish and took a different turn. It is hard to predict if the trend will get worse or get better.