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  • 24h CMC -3,436,061,916.83
  • 24h Vol 30,407,775,260
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TRON Ecosystem surpasses 2.3 Million Accounts


TRON [TRX] recently revealed their weekly dAp report. The report throws light on key developments of the platform’s decentralized applications ( dApps ) ecosystem. 

Per the report, a staggering 2.3 million TRON accounts have been created and a total of 246 dApps have been launched on TRON(TRX) network. Furthermore, 10 new dApps were added in the past week only. 

There are 54 gaming-related dApps that have been built and deployed on TRON. A total of 86 high-risk dApps, 14 exchange-related dApps, and at least 21 others  have been introduced so far. Per TRON’s TRON’s estimates, there are about 70,000 daily active users on the network, an average of 750,000 daily TRX transactions and 519 smart contracts.

TRON Bird, simple collectibles game in which players receive a bird egg with 300 TRX to hatch has become fairly popular. The game  is similar to Ethereum’s CryptoKitties in the manner that users can sell, buy or rent pets to earn TRX tokens. 

FlashDEX, a decentralized cryptoasset exchange (DEX) built on the TRON network, will purportedly support the TRC-20 standard token USDT-TRON. It was  developed and jointly released by Tether Ltd. and the developers of TRON.

On April 2, 2019, Justin Sun, the head of the TRON Foundation, announced that the platform’s developers would soon be releasing the details of the Sun network. 

Per the  Dapp Report, the FlashDEX has been created to function as a service platform that efficiently manages buyers and sellers in order to settle crypto transactions. 

In another news CoinMarketFeed reported, TRON  requested Japanese dApp developers to not develop gambling dApps on TRON’s platform. Furthermore, it asked developers using Japanese IP addresses to not promote the use of gambling apps among Japanese users. The foundation will provide all the necessary support to Japanese regulators, in case TRON dApps violate Japanese laws and regulations. 

TRON blockchain network underwent a hard fork on February 28. The new features will include mu-sig crypto wallets, account management tools and energy adjustment to real-time network performance. Moreover, it will also include, better virtual machines and events server for dApps.

Interestingly, gaming and gambling-related apps count as the most widely implemented use cases for blockchain. However, the digital space is rife with ambiguity and there is no regulatory framework for crypto assets. 

As reported by CoinMarketFeed on March 4th, TronBet, a decentralized crypto betting platform built on TRON’s (TRX) blockchain experienced over $40 million in total volume over a mere span of seven days.