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TRON Hard Fork Successfully Conducted; Updates and Comments From The Tron Community


Tron has successfully implemented the Tron Hard Fork on its mainnet to improve the efficiency of the system. Marcus Zhao, the head of Tron public chain division tweeted the ODYSSEY 3.5 after the successful implementation of the hard fork.

Odyssey Release

Tron is a fierce competitor to the leading Dapps Platform, Ethereum, which too conducted the Constantinople Hard Fork which will take it one step closer towards PoS (Proof of Stake) and large-scale scalability.

An essential update with the ODYSSEY 3.5 was the Multi sig and account management with the aim to make institutional investors a part of the market. He explicitly mentioned that to acquire a cryptocurrency asset an institutional investor would use an institutional method. They also would have several managing parties involved in it with their multiple layer procedures, which would be simplified with the multi-signature update. This update is quintessential for the institutional investor according to the Founder.

Justin Sun's Statements On The Update

The founder Justin Sun, recently posted an AMA on Reddit where he discussed in detail there newly acquired BTT, The TRON HARD FORK (which was released on 28th February), ODESSEY 3.5, upgrades added to TRON's major blockchain.

On the new Odessy Update, he noted that,

"Multi-signature is essential to institutional investors and investors with high net worth because institutional investors usually use institutionalized approaches to keep cryptocurrency assets, which are managed by multiple parties and with multi-layer procedures. Therefore, multi-signature allows multi-layer management of cryptocurrencies. It’s fair to say that without multi-signature, there will not be institutional investors.”

Sun also highlighted the other improvements that will be implemented on the Tron Platform. These include dynamic energy adjustment according to real-time network performance to improve efficiency. The Odessy 3.5 Update will also add new privacy and security updates to the Tron Virtual Machine, with a specific event’s server for Dapps (Decentralized Applications). The Hard Fork was necessary, according to him, to improve the efficiency and efficacy of the system.

“This MainNet upgrade is a significant one for TRON since last December. Previous upgrades were mainly for setting up the network, while this upgrade is the first major improvement of the network performance."