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Tron Stablecoin (USDT-Tron) listed on OKEx – One of the Biggest Bitcoin Exchanges


Over the past few years Tron network has continued to advance to become a widely accepted blockchain network and support multiple tokens. The USDT, Tether product was added recently that gave the platform a positive attention from the crypto and TRON enthusiasts. Tron announced that its stable coin USDT is going to be listed on OKEx.

OKEx exchange is considered to be the fourth-largest Bitcoin exchange, based on adjusted volume. According to the official data from the exchange, it listed USDT-Tron as the users demand increased for trading stable coin. Users can expect airdrop soon supported by the exchange. Tron USDT’s three protocols will be supported namely, USDT-Omni, USDT-ERC20, and USDT-TRON.

If the new stable coin launches there will be huge difference in the method that the liquidity with the Tron economy is utilized. The token will include price in TRX and fiat currency. Experts suggest that the network is similar to how ERC-30 assets have their price broken down into a fiat price, a Bitcoin price, and an Ethereum price. This information helps to make it easier to exhibit what the value of the tokens actually is.

The Stable coin will be available on other major exchanges including Huobi. Therefore, the number of transactions on the Tron Network would significantly increase. Tron has built an innovative ecosystem for Dapps and issuing digital asset. The step will help to progress the growth of Tron. Currently Tron’s transaction capabilities are considerably cheaper than that of etherum.

Other major multiple blockchains would definitely have a lot to gain from a boost in liquidity, like EOS, Cardano, and even Tezos. More liquidity implies that the trading into a stablecoin becomes easy with no need for a centralized exchange. The TRX token from Tron has already established itself in the stablecoin markets, including Binance and Huobi.