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Tron (TRX) DApp Transaction Volume Overpowers Ethereum and EOS Growth

Image Credit: Bitcoin Exchange Guide

The TRON network is developing steadily in the recent days. TRON recently shared the report which shows the data how much TRX network has grown. According to the DApp review, TRON’s international trading volume for March 16 alone was higher than the total volume of EOS and ETH almost five times higher.

This is proof that the TRX network is getting bigger day by day when compared to other cryptocurrency networks even ethereum being the second largest network in the market today.

DappReview posted on twitter,

“As we forcasted on yesterday's tweet, #TRON volume txn surpass $100 million on Mar 16, namely 5 times more than the sum of #ETH and #EOS.📈#IAmDecentralized”

DApp has already forecasted TRX’s trading volume would surpass $100 million USD. Dapp Review has confirmed that just as the TRX trading volume has surpassed $100 million USD, which was five times the sum of ETH and EOS together. However, ETH and EOS has made $15 million in transactions during the same period.

One of the main reasons is that TRON is most widely accepted and TRON has several decentralized apps (DApps) that are widely used. Ethereum was “abandoned” by several companies. According to the reports TRON has a promising future and the foundation is introducing most innovative projects to make the network more accepted secure and advanced.

In addition TRON has more DApps than both ETH and EOS combined together. While Tron is making new partnerships, the other two networks are considerably struggling to find their way in the market. At the press time Tron has over 187 dapps with more than a total of 464 smart contracts working.

Experts and TRON enthusiasts are praising about TRON’s recent growth and believes that TRON will soon spikes to reach the top of the game in the coming years and expects TRON to become one of the most widely accepted blockchains in the market.